Installation of the BD.36.18.21 Workbench by MotopiXel TV

MotopiXel TV, a Youtube channel that was created to provide accurate and, most importantly, honest information to motorcycle enthusiasts who have made riding a way of life, to promote motorcycle culture, and to help people enjoy riding in the chaos of life in a proper and educated way, has reached over 200,000 subscribers in a short time. They have completed the installation of the BD.36.18.21 Moduline (Modular) Workbench produced by our company.

In the video, which shows the assembly stages of the BD.36.18.21 Modular Workbench with 2 sets of 7-drawer cabinets, 4 cabinets with doors, 3 overhead cabinets with doors, a waste bin, a perforated metal tool board, and a solid beech wood work surface, you can get a closer look at the product, and get an idea about the shipment and installation processes.