We manufacture steel workbenches for businesses with workshops and assembly lines

Our heavy-duty industrial workbenches are made of steel construction using DKP, HRP, and high mechanical-chemical wear-resistant, extra-strong sheet materials that won’t struggle to meet the demands of heavy-duty industrial conditions, and are ready to assist you in your manufacturing tasks.

Over 20 years of experience in the production of Heavy Industry Steel Workbenches

All of our workbenches are manufactured in-house, and all stages, from the CAD/CAM design process to the production process at our factory, are carried out by our team of engineers and expert workers in their field who have been working with us for years. Feedback from factory managers and experts also plays a significant role in the design phase and has contributed greatly to the current state of our industrial workbenches.

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What is a Heavy Industry Workbench?

Heavy Industry Workbenches are workbenches that are designed for harsh conditions such as factories, services, assembly lines, and can withstand heavy loads, impacts, and abrasive chemicals.

What materials are Heavy Industry Workbenches made of?

Our workbenches are made of durable steel sheet materials with high resistance to wear caused by chemical and mechanical factors such as DKP, HRP, and superior strength. Our industrial workbenches are produced as steel constructions by combining these materials. They have gone through production stages to serve in the heavy industry conditions for years.

What are the features of Industrial Workbenches?

Our workbenches are designed for heavy industry needs and feature lockable cabinets and drawers. The cabinets have height-adjustable shelves and rotatable adjustment screws at the bottom of the high-capacity shelves. The lockable drawers and doors increase safety and are supported by industrial telescopic rails to carry heavy loads seamlessly and safely, without causing any work accidents, and opening and closing smoothly.

Our heavy industry workbenches have wood, stainless steel, and PVC tabletop options, and they can be painted in many different colors to match your corporate identity.